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Metro Bar

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Address:47 West Avenue Quezon City

Phone No: (632) 412-6514 or 274-7505

With STATE-OF-THE-ART Sound and lightning System.Powered by Bose.
Metro Bar is the only venue in the country with built-in HYDRAULIC LIFTS on stage. The stage is designed with two hydraulic lifts that give more drama to presentations.Metro Bar is also equipped with a Motorized Ramp/ stage extension for ledge dancing, fashion shows and the like.
Metro's high-end Wide Video Screen showcases sponsors, company AVP's and AD placement.Its spacious Artist Dressing Area is definitely suitable for quick wardrobe getups. The Holding and Props Area is designed with Hollywood-like facilities including the dresser and toilet/bath

Source: http://www.metrobar.com.ph/

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