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Sea Breeze Village and Resort

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Address:Atimonan, Quezon

Phone No: 011-63-43-918-420-4333

Dona Rosario Sea Breeze Village is a resort located in Atimonan, Quezon, Philippines. It is the perfect place to enjoy nature and is along the beautiful coastline of Lamon Bay. This village-style resort offers plenty of space and outdoor recreation for visitors.Dona Rosario Sea Breeze Village is the ultimate escape from city life. The resort compound offers plenty of hiking trails and spectacular views for nature enthusiasts. Enjoy walking along the fruit plantations abundant with bananas, coconuts, rambutan and mangoes. For the beachcomber, the resort is a short walk to Lamon Bay, one of the most scenic bays in the east part of the Philippines. This body of water is home to coral reefs and many different species of sea life.

Dona Rosario Sea Breeze Village & Resort is a nature resort located along Lamon Bay in Barangay Angeles, Atimonan, Quezon. The resort offers recreational fishponds stocked with sugpo, crab, bangus and tilapia. Catch your favorite seafood and stay in our air conditioned suites

Website: http://www.donarosarioresorts.com/seabreeze.html

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